791. Tools for life 

Hammers are tools used to hit nails into place or pull them out 

A compass is used to tell the direction 

Tools to make our lives easier, especially when we need them 

Imagine no compass and finding your way back? 

Or no hammer to hit any nails into that project? 

Physical tools are easy to see and use – that’s a tool and that’s not 

But what about tools for lives? To help us progress as people?

  • The life map – a way to know where we’re going (someday, 5 years, this year, this month, this week, and today 
  • Power list – how to win at life by winning the day. Win enough days win the week, then win the month, win the year, and win at life 
  • Savers routine (silence affirmations visualizations exercise read and scribe) 
  • Weekly workout plan – to stay on track 
  • Impossible list – to keep growing 

Different tools to help with different things 

What are some tools that you use?

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