793. When no one is looking 

How do we act when we’re out in public? 

Probably different than when we’re alone 

But that’s what matters… 

What do we do when were alone?

Anyone can impress the public, put on a mask, a front 

When we’re alone though? Its how we get an edge 

Two people work the same job, the same role, the same time 

One goes home and watches tv on their alone time, mindlessly skimming social media, and arguing with his wife. 

The other goes home and is working on their side hustle, reflecting, asking difficult questions, going on weekly date nights, hitting the gym, does more work for the job so she can get ahead – putting time into her craft 

Maybe they started in the same place 

But they sure as hell ain’t going to end up in the same place… 

That’s for sure.

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