819. Why and when to use protein? 

People may think a protein shake is a meal replacement 

I don’t have the time to eat is a common response 

And that right there, that not enough time thing is the problem 

See, it’s a cycle we don’t have enough time for – we eat what we can (usually fast/ processed food) 

Nothing happens at first. The short-term pleasure of feeling full is enough. 

But the long-term issues of this result in not enough energy, a few extra pounds, until eventually, we can’t take it anymore. 

We need change. 

We start to think about healthy living, “I’ll start drinking protein shakes”

But protein shakes are a supplement to our diet.

 We don’t go on a diet. 

How we eat is our diet. 

When should we have a protein shake? Ideally right after a workout, even before a workout. So our muscles can ‘eat’ the protein while they’re all ripped up. 

Even in a pinch, as a quick little something to go, it could work 

As a meal replacement? That’s not going to fly. 

Yeah, we may feel full, but we need other nutrients. 

So use protein to supplement our workout and to give our muscles more fuel. 

Don’t use protein shakes as a meal replacement. 

To lose weight? Eat healthily and move often. 

Here’s something that could work for you. Try it for 30 days. 

  • 30 minutes of movement
  • Only eat fruit till noon 
  • Stop eating at 8 PM 

If you can’t make the time for this..? 

Ever hear the saying if you have health you have hope? 

The only thing a sick person wants is to be healthy. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

 Where could you be more effective or efficient and save an hour per day to meal prep instead?

Watch the results you get.

Keep getting after it. Day after day.

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