891. Fall down 7 get up 8

Life knocks us down 

We trip over the sidewalk 

Or our bike pedal hits the ground 

We get rejected for that job or that person 

Get in an accident 

Lose a loved one 

Or lose the house 

Our pets eventually die 

Friends come and go 

We get sick or some terminal illness 

Miss the test

How many ways can life knock us down? 

How many times have we gotten knocked down? 

It doesn’t matter. 

Because the only thing that matters is do we get up again? 

See if we keep getting up, we can’t lose. We only lose if we stay on the ground. 

Then the second part is giving it our best shot 

We can just walk through life – but where is that going to get us? 

So it’s getting up when we get knocked down, and still trying our best

doing this all the time, a way of life. 

And keeping a positive attitude makes this a lot easier. 

Because our mental state is a choice. 

When we get knocked down and get back up – why or how are we getting up? Our minds. 

When we don’t feel like doing something that’s good for us but we do it anyway, why is that? Our minds. 

We can choose to be negative, pessimistic, happy, positive, optimistic – whatever we want. 

Striving towards better one step at a time.

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