6. Generational Shifts

Why don’t schools teach fundamental things? 

Some may, majority don’t 

Like how to communicate effectively, or have a growth mindset

Or how to budget and handle finances so that we can retire one day

Or how to build relationships or marriage life

Or what insurance is, the different types, and why it’s important

Instead they teach us how to do what we’re told, to follow the rules, to listen for the bell, to memorize tasks.

Schooling hasn’t changed over hundreds of years, yet technology and science has evolved ten fold plus.

I believe one of the main reasons is because this life we’re living requires “cogs in the wheel” 

“Worker bees” to do the work, if no one will do the everyday work then who will? 

It’s a system that we were born into.

The sad part is, most people just keep playing into the system, doing what our elders said to do… (times are different) 

Getting into more and more debt so there’s no choice but to work day in and day out, leaving people stuck with limited choices. 

No matter how limited we may be we can still make choices and change the trajectory of our life path

Even the choice to start taking control of our lives is a choice.

Do we want to though?

Are we committed?

Will we figure it out? (the best part – we can figure anything out if we really want it, where has this proven true in your life?)

Although, that’s up to us, and it’s up to us to educate ourselves about the above mentioned items and anything else we need to learn to live the life we want.

No one’s going to do it for us.

If we’re ignorant on a subject we deem to be important, educate ourselves, learn the in’s and out’s 

But the sad part is – the majority of people stop learning after they finish school. 

That’s alarming.

We can be the generational shift our family needs down the line, so we can get out of this rat race system and begin to live the life we want, on our terms. 

And we can be that shift no matter what age we are because it’s all a state of mind.

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