7. Do you Believe in that?

Human potential and development

Do you believe in that?

Or do you believe that our abilities are what they are?

These are two completely radical mindsets, 

One is the growth mindset, the other is a fixed mindset. 

We begin to develop a mindset right out the womb – and we don’t get to pick what type of mindset we want, it’s cultivated through our experiences. 

Imagine growing up with a fixed mindset…

How debilitating could that be to your career?

Vs having a growth mindset.

One embraces challenges (which we come to find out life is full of them) the other runs away from challenges. 

One tries to protect our ego, the other sets the ego aside and understands there’s a learning process and that we will get better with practice. 

Albeit we didn’t get to (consciously) choose which mindset we now have from our upbringing

We now can make that conscious decision to go down the growth mindset path, so that we can understand and confront difficulties and adversities vs running away from them. 

And it’s not a quick fix, more of a slow change with ups and down along the way.

But the growth mindset belief is that we will get better over time… 

What would our life look like if we embraced the growth mindset for a week?

A year? Or 10 years? 

IMO – Drastically different. 

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