8. I’ll do it tomorrow

[… but tomorrow never comes]

Have you ever said that to yourself? I have. 

Swearing that I’ll follow through on this day or after this or tomorrow..

All that swearing is useless because it didn’t happen. 

What started working is a little process I learned along my journey.

What works for me is a vivid concrete plan. 

For example: 

“Tomorrow after lunch, I’ll sit down at my desk with the door closed and make those 10 calls.” 

“Thursday evening at 6:00 I’ll sit down with my lady at the dinner table and have that discussion – Babe, I’d like to bring something up that may make us have a closer relationship, would you be willing to hear?”

What’s something you want or need? Maybe it’s learning how to communicate effectively or how to budget

Or what’s a problem that’s been bothering you? Is the family always tense? Is it something at work? 

Action: Make a concrete plan as vivid as possible.

When will you do this?

Where will you do this?

How will you do it? 

Once we answer these questions and come up with a plan, our minds can picture it clearly.

Which lead to follow through..

Which leads to a higher chance of achieving whatever we set out to achieve.

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