12. Emotion-less

Emotions aren’t good or bad, they just are. 

And we could agree that some are better than others. 

I’d rather feel confident in my abilities then fearful. 

Over confidence though is too much, it’s a balancing act. 

When I went through deaths in the family, I started feeling less and less emotions. 

Life was numb and I really couldn’t feel anything

I forgot what emotions even were.

This happened for years, until I met Corie, my lady. 

She taught me how to feel emotions again

Constantly asking me how I’m feeling and essentially forcing me to put a word to it. 

This feeling wheel that she sent me helped too. (note that I am referring to the picture)

And to the whole point of all this:

Communication is essential to thriving within relationships. 

If Corie never took the time to help me with my emotions – maybe she would’ve started taking things personal? That may have led to a break up experience or constant fighting. (I would’ve been blaming her too when in hindsight I could say it would have been my fault, how can one assume the other knows something without that communication aspect?)

And communication doesn’t have to be this major essay, we’re not getting graded. 

“Hey I feel a tad fragile today, not sure why but I’ll get back to you”

“Hey I’m feeling angry or something, I think it was because of this but just know it’s not personal to you” 

This is communication, this is letting our other person know how we are feeling and so they don’t take it personal.

And if you’re in a healthy relationship, they’ll support you. 

“I hear you that you’re a tad fragile and you’ll get back to me, is there anything I can do to help?” 

“I understand and hear that your angry, maybe go for a walk to air out for a few and then put that energy back into your work” 

What a different route then the alternative.

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