13. Not easy, Not Complicated, Simple

Healthy eating – it’s not easy, It’s not complicated, but it is simple.

(Especially with all the conflicting views out there) 

don’t use coconut oil because it causes cancer, and the other is use coconut oil to prevent cancer… 

To use it or not? (this is a universal concept) 

A different view: use minimally processed food items.

  • Are oils highly processed? Yes, maybe use as little as possible – no need to pour half the bottle on the pan, maybe start decreasing the amount by teaspoon until you don’t even need it anymore. (this would [slowly if needed] eliminate fried foods too) 
  • Eat foods that are minimally processed aka single ingredients – if we can’t pronounce the ingredient it probably shouldn’t be going inside our body.
  • Fruits, veggies, the more the better while staying away from highly processed foods like candy, cookies and donuts. 

(PS we have a slamming cookie [healthy] recipe, let me know if you want it and I’ll send it to you it’s only three ingredients, peanut butter bananas and oats)

  • Throw out the soda and juices – just reach for the water instead. No reason whatsoever to drink phosphoric acid or natural flavorings. Plus our bodies are made up of something like 70% of water, throw fruit in it if that’s better.
  • About recipes, you don’t necessarily need them unless you’re making something specific, otherwise be creative and test. We remember 90% of what we do vs 10% of what we hear (who comes up with statistics like that?) just combine a bunch of things you like and vula – if you like it great if not tweak it. Example: sweet potato with green peppers, onion, and beans – season to taste. 

Food is supposed to nourish our bodies – it shouldn’t be purely enjoyment every single meal [think sugar highs] 

The best part? The way we eat, what we drink 

It’s a habit, just like the words we use, or biting our nails, or watching TV. 

These are all habits that we can change, because we have the gift of choice

That’s exciting because we don’t always have to be who we used to be – we can change this instant.

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