22. What do you Think?

Close Call – Rule Change? 

Our house consists of Corie, Grace, Anthony and myself.

We have Champion the 70 pound pittie and they have Ms. Tinkalous a 10 pound kitty. 

The two animals don’t co exist together, Champ’s prey drive is intense and just wants to go play with her (which he’ll end up killing her), while Tink wants nothing to do with Champ. 

So we keep them separated, Champ stays with us, Tink stays with them. (its a two story 5 bedroom house) 

The rule we have is that we let one or the other roam the house, as long as the other one’s secured (via locked in a room) 

Well what happens if they both happen to be out and Champ ends up killing Tink? (almost happened thankfully Anthony was in close proximity to the scene)

Who’s fault was it that that happened? 

It’s Champ’s fault (he doesn’t even know his left from right) 

It’s Tink’s fault (neither does she) 

Taking responsibility would be saying that it was my fault, I should’ve had Champ secured and made sure that Tink was secured too, and I own up to that. 

But Cats don’t have 9 lives

So maybe we can change the rule to prevent this close call from happening again? 

Because even if i say it was my fault, tink still would be dead – there’s no getting around that.

Example new rule: since our goal is to have the animals equally roam the house – Champ gets the house from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm while tink gets the house through the night (she still has access to their bedroom and office) 

The point is: where else in our lives do we have rules set up that aren’t in our best interest or could cause pain? 

Example: “You love me if you talk to me every day”

The contrary: “You love me if you’re genuine and we have meaningful conversation whenever that is, I’m there for you just as much as you’re there for me even if we talk once a month or once a year”

Which rule would bring us more happiness in our lives? 

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