23. Do you Listen to your First or Second Thought?

First thought second thought 

Our first thoughts can be anything. 

For it’s “just a thought” (ps thoughts are still powerful) 

We have some 40,000 thoughts a day – not all of them are going to be positive…

Some are going to be crazy! Like if anyone heard them, we might have to go to an asylum…

It doesn’t matter what our first thought is because no one else knows what we are thinking. 

Our second thought is what happens right after our first thought. 

Do we choose to act on our first thought? 

Do we choose to speak our first thought? 

Do we choose to let our first thought go without an interruption in our day? 

Some people don’t even realize that second thought is there because it can happen in .001 seconds 

If we can work on making that gap between first and second thought longer – even just a little bit- we then can begin the journey to make more conscious decisions daily, ones that can drastically improve our lives.

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