59. We’ll figure it out

It may benefit us to remember that someone always has it worse. 

And it’s just a gentle reminder, to help deal with our situations and circumstances 

Because even if we do remember others have it worse, some things still aren’t ideal – but remembering others – it may help. 

I often get in my own head when things don’t go according to plan

At least I can think of a plan, or figure one out. Some can’t do that.

I feel some type of way about this cyst on my wrist 

Some don’t have hands or even limbs. 

Losing my parents, some never even knew their parents and are homeless.

It’s not a competition on who has it worse

But when things come up – as they definitely will – before we get worked up with emotions… 

Let’s just remember that someone has gone through something similar before – someone has it a little worse right now. 

Yeah this situation may be ideal, but we’ll figure it out, get through it, and come out better than before.

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