60. Quick Fix < Lasting Change

What’s the quick fix? 

We all know quick fixes don’t work, or last 

So why do we persist?

“I can’t sleep at night because my thoughts don’t stop so I just take a tylenol pm to put me back to sleep” 

That’s a quick fix 

“My kids don’t stop bothering me so i just stick them in front of the TV or Ipad”

That’s another 

Real fixes are different and may look something like this:

“I can’t sleep at night because my thoughts are racing so I started to meditate for a minute a day then two minutes and now I’m up to twenty minutes a day, and guess what? I’m starting to control my mind! No more restless nights” 

“My kids have a lot of energy and want my attention, I play with them for a set amount of time each day at a set time now and they look forward to it. I also encourage them to do creative activities like movement and drawing to show me later so they aren’t becoming brain dead by watching TV or playing on their iphones for 10 hours a day” 

One’s instant, the other requires work.

One work’s in the long term, the other in the short term.

So which do we choose?

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