67. How do you learn?

A tree starts out as a seed

Then grows deep, strong roots – a solid trunk – and some big branches. 

Then even smaller branches grow – leading to twigs and leaves 

Imagine if the seed tried to start growing with the leaves and twigs first, then the big branches, then the trunk and finally the roots. 

It wouldn’t work out. 

See, that’s how most people learn about a topic. 

They start with the leaves learning about the gym equipment, cold showers, HIIT, sauna’s 

Then they move onto the big branches and trunk – which we’ll call “fitness” 

Eventually (hopefully) they get to the roots – our bodily systems grow with controlled stress then rest.

The problem with this is that if we get caught up in the leaves too early, it’s rather difficult to make connections – we don’t know what we don’t know. 

Instead, let’s learn like the trees grow with the roots and the trunk first – the principles

So that we can make valuable connections, stick with our learning, and move along with our lives.

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