71. Blame Game

How many times do we blame others? 

When things don’t go as planned, something is missing or broken, finances are out of whack, and the list goes on. 

The funny thing is – the blame game is so commonplace that we’re looked at as an alien if we don’t partake in the blames. 

Putting the blame on someone (or something) else is the easy way, so we don’t have to be responsible for our own actions, circumstances, happiness, anger, or depression – name it. 

Versus the alternative which would be to own our mistakes, situations, circumstances etc and to actually do something about it instead of putting it on an external force. 

“Well they didn’t do it”

And of course there are times when other factors are involved, but what can we do to minimize our time sulking on the issue and to take action on the change we want?

Circumstances don’t make a person, they reveal them. 

Here’s a story: this one time, we all went for a nice walk in the woods.

It turns out, “the woods” was walking down a mountain peak for about 4 miles. 

And unbeknown to us, we had to walk back up the steep mountain for 4 miles…

Most of the group was cool and we enjoyed the challenge

Two people in the group complained every step on the way back up for 2 whole hours…

“Why did you do this to us”

“My legs hurt”

“Kill me now”

Blaming us for the situation… 

They aren’t aware that blaming others takes an enormous amount of mental energy, creating unnecessary stress, especially in an already stressful situation.

Making the blamers feel powerless and not in control of their life… 

Let’s stop blaming others

And let’s start taking responsibility, intentionally creating new, more positive feelings

Even if it hurts to hold the blame back

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