70. Happiness is the way

“Someday I’ll be happy” 

This is what most people say – we tell ourselves we’ll be happy when we get out of debt, get our business off the ground, that promotion, retire, or anything else that we say. 

Then we get frustrated where we are at – the days become a slog, 

but someday we’ll be happy

The thing is though, that day never comes 

because life goes on – not waiting for anyone. 

So why not be happy right now, exactly where we are at? 

Because if not now, we may never be happy….

(And this isn’t some “the most I want out of life is to be happy and that’s it” type of thing – we all would want that. Happiness is a choice, and we can be happy whenever we let ourselves be)

Life is always filled with problems, challenges, un-ideal circumstances

So couldn’t we just choose – instead of sulking or frustration – to be happy?

Happiness is the way, there is no way to happiness. 

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