69. Pay ourselves first

Pay ourselves first 

We hear all the time people live paycheck to paycheck

And another – people don’t have a retirement plan..

They’ve missed this one key concept in life

And if they made it a habit, they would live a drastically different life in the years to come. 

The key concept is paying ourselves first – no matter what. 

It could be 10% every single paycheck (like we do)  

make something up that works for you but stick with it no matter what. 

Side note: I prefer the 10% each paycheck because our income should grow with time. 

First we may save $100 a month, then $500, then $1,000 vs the alternative which is to save a set amount each month – say $500. 

The reason I prefer the former is because our savings grow with our increased income 

regardless, the earlier we make this a habit, the better off we’ll be.

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