74. Two different points of view

“I’m an underpaid bricklayer who spends my days wasting my time, placing brick on top of brick”

“I’m the luckiest person in the world, I get to be a part of important and beautiful pieces of architecture and help turn simple pieces of brick into magnificent buildings.”

Same situation, two different points of view. 

These lenses’ we see life through will determine how our lives end up playing out. 

It’s easy to see the negative, it’s hard to see the positive. Which do we choose?

And we can train ourselves through effort and repetition to see things how we wish to see them. 

One brick layer sees a masterpiece, the other a slog. 

Can we see the beauty in life, nature, the universe?

Or do all we do is complain about presidency, politics, and global warming?

It’s up to us to decide.

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