97. Focus

Our actions follow our focus. 

If we focus on things that we “have” to give up or can’t do anymore – we’ll give up. 

If we focus on what we want to gain – we’ll hit our goal. 

It’s just like race car drivers. 

How much constant focus does a race car driver need throughout the race? 

A lot. And one slip up could cost them their life. 

Going 150+ mph within inches of other cars and walls. 

When less skilled drivers start to veer towards the wall, it’s a fact they are more prone to causing a wreck…


Because they take their focus off the direction they want to go, and instead focus on not hitting the wall and guess what happens? The smash the wall. 

Experience is a great teacher.

Because experienced drivers – if they feel they are veering towards the wall – will buckle down on where they want to go and keep their focus lock tight on the track. 

They look at the track and their body reacts to keep them there, literally. 

We don’t have to understand this phenomena for it to work, it just does.

We can apply this concept to our life. 

Are we constantly focusing on where we want to go? 

Or are we focusing on what we don’t want to happen? 

To help us, here are some ways to keep focus:

  • I know who I am 
  • I know my plan 
  • There is no discussion 

If we can learn to power through all obstacles and defeat all setbacks while keeping focus on our desired outcome, then we will start achieving the things we want to achieve – with nothing holding us back.

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