125. Thanks for your opinion

How many times are we in conversation and people offer advice or opinions?

“Your mask goes over your nose” 

“I don’t know if you can do that” 

“See if you like it” 

“Go think about it” 

“I don’t think that’s right”

Just to name a few. 

And the thing is – we may construe this advice as how things are, not even second guessing the advice

albeit the advice wasn’t even asked for…

What matters most is what we do with this unasked advice.

Do we listen to it?

Or do we get worked up that someone is giving advice when it wasn’t even asked? 

There’s also a third way: “thanks for your opinion”

This may be the best way because even though advice wasn’t asked for, the opinion is appreciated and it gives the other person a chance to feel heard while we can spend a few moments analyzing the advice and deciding if it’s worth pursuing…

from our POV, not theirs.

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