127. Age is just a number

People use age like its some type of end all be all 

I’m 50 years older than you, you better listen to me! 

Yeah 50 years older than me but drinking a bottle every night with no retirement plan or wife isn’t in my life plan of attack… 

Whether we’re 50 or 15… 

Age is just a number 

What matters is what do we want to do and how can we get there 

If we figure that out at 15, great 

Or if we do at 50, great 

It’s not me vs you – we’re both on our own separate journeys doing our own separate things working as a team or working on our own.

Our journeys are relative to us, let’s remember that

PS for the sake of this post, ‘age is just a number’ solely refers to intelligence and life perspectives

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