145. Birthdays

The day we were born, crazy right? 

Most people celebrate another year

“I’m getting old – turning 40 this year”

“Another year til I’m dead” 

“I just wanna be 23 again”

The issue with this is subtle, but massive 

They put a timestamp on us causing us to feel a certain way

Factually yeah we have a time stamp, but this very moment – is all we have. 

Anything that happened in the past – including our time – is in the past, we can never get that back. 

And anything in the future, is never guaranteed 

we know this. 

Yearning to be “23 again” is a distraction from all that we have, the now. 

We’re not guaranteed “another year” 

And “I’m getting old” is relative… 

Because to someone who is 100 – we’d still be considered a sperm! 

Instead, why not focus on how we’re feeling?

Not on some sensitive shit but on a serious note, a real raw question. 

How are we mentally? Physically? Financially spiritually? 

Do we want to improve any of these areas? 

If we’re content with our life then great, but if we need to make a change

What better time than now?

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