146. Are you?

We all have insurance right?

Or at least we should. 

Insurance for our house, our car, our health, life.. 

And any other type of insurance we see fit. 

I never received an insurance 101 class though… 

And never took the time to learn until recently.

It’s not always about the lowest price, 

Because if we just pay the lowest price, the bare minimum… 

When something happens – we are going to be S.O.L

It’s about how much insurance we are getting for how much we are paying, while taking our assets into consideration

Because people are trying to make a quick buck now a days 

And will do anything to get there, even if it’s ruining someone else financially.. 

Insurance is there to protect us, hopefully we never get sued or have to pay up to someone… 

But if we do – I know I’m covered, are you?

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