153. Gaps

Most people don’t meditate… 

Whether it’s because they can’t stop their thoughts from happening or not enough time…

there’s always a reason. 

And people think that if others meditate that they must be some perfect enlightened being… 

But that’s not the case at all. 

One of the main reasons we meditate is to create gaps of consciousness.

The thing is – we all have a gap of consciousness, all varying different widths… 

Some .0001 millimeter wide, while others 50 miles. 

And by meditating daily and frequently, we consciously create a wider gap of consciousness 

So when things come up and are un-ideal, we can respond how we would like to vs reacting to uncontrollable events. 

Because the fact is this is a possibility for all of us: we just have to start the journey of meditation

A start. 

And that begins with a single step, no matter how small.

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