154. Yet

We love stories, they’re so captivating and are a perfect display of how a string of events lead to this or that

And there are different types of stories.. 

Stories we tell to other people about an event that happened 

And another – the story we’re telling ourselves 

The story we tell ourselves is more important than the story we tell others. 

Because whether we think we can, or we think we can’t, we’re right 

“I’m not good at sports”

“I can’t find the right person for me”

“I’m not handy”

“I can’t draw” 


“Sports aren’t interesting to me but I’m sure if i gave it my all I would work up the skills to be somewhat decent as with anything.”

“My relationships seem to be having issues, the same issues, is it something I’m doing?”

“I haven’t spent that much time fixing things but I know I can learn to fix something if I learn how too.”

Better yet, we could just add the word yet to these excuses at the top. 

“I’m not good at sports yet

“I can’t find the right person for me, yet”

“I’m not handy yet

“I can’t draw yet” 

And these may seem like small differences, but a little difference here, a little there and over the course of time it will land us in a radically different spot. 

So what stories are we telling ourselves? 

Where are we holding ourselves back? 

Where can we put that little word – yet – at?

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