156. Stopped, or not?

Are we a person who will be stopped or won’t be stopped?

This question is the holy grail of questions. 

Because we all have goals, we all have dreams, we all want to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

That’s not out of the ordinary for us to shoot for our goals. 


What happens when we get rejected 10,000 times? 

What happens when we don’t have enough money to pay for our bills? 

What happens when we have to work late and our relationships are strained? 

What happens when we have to pick this over that? 

When shit hits the fan, most people fold up. 

What is out of the ordinary is someone who won’t be stopped 

Someone who keeps going in the face of adversity

Who keeps going because they know who they are. 

Who doesn’t listen to what the naysayers say. 

And there’s no right or wrong or which person is better, just different. 

However its important for us to answer this question because then we can begin to know who we are, what we are made of, and continue striving for what we want to strive for.

If that requires us to be a person that won’t be stopped – great. 

If that requires us to be a person that can be stopped – that’s great too.

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