162. Breaking old bad habits, creating new ,healthier ones…

When we’re attempting to break old bad habits, and create new ,healthier ones… 

We must remember to not be so hard on ourselves. 

Maybe we’ve spent 5, 10, 20, 40 years repeating the same behavior that we’re trying to change

We’ve got to expect that there is going to be some level of difficulty in our mission before we  start to see real changes taking place…

Here’s a fun fact, every time we perform an action our brains create  neuro-signature called a brain groove – a series of interconnected neurons that carry thought patterns of a particular habit. 

We can think of this brain groove as a single strain of metal. Everytime we perform the habit, another strain of metal is laid across. One strain after another and eventually, we won’t be able to break the cable. 

Or of another angle, a weathered trail from years of unuse. The less we use a particular brain groove, the more it will go away, being covered by all the other habits we’re forming. 

Most importantly though, attention feeds habit. The more attention we give a habit, the more we activate the brain groove which releases the thoughts, desires, and actions related to that habit. 

So let’s be patient. 

Creating new habits takes time. 

And when we fall off the wagon, let’s get up and brush ourselves off before beating ourselves up. 

We all stumble, so go on ahead and try again.

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