178. No doesn’t mean no

Sometimes we ask people something and at first they say no

But at some later point in time, an hour later, a day week, month, year – they eventually say yes. 

Why is that?

Because no doesn’t mean no, it just means no not right now (even though they don’t say “not right now”)

This is great news, because eventually we can get people to say yes to whatever we want them to say yes too. 

But it’s also bad news, because people take this advice and go over the top…

What about now? And now? And now? Asking over and over and over again

Causing the other person to feel annoyed, frustrated, and not wanting to do anything with whoever is asking them the magic question thousands of times… 

So yes, no doesn’t mean no, it means not right now, but we must respect the no and move on.

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