191. Birthdays

February 22 That’s the day I was born – hence we humans coined the word for this specific event a “birthday”

The day we come out of our mothers.

We’re changing forms in a way, going from inside a solitary womb filled with fluids and nutrients to the exposed outside world filled with air and lights and humans. 

Birthdays are days to be celebrated

We’re changing forms 

Like a water to a gas 

But what about death? 

Often in western culture, it is experienced as a sad event

Because the ones who passed are no longer with us. 

But what if we could liken death to a new birth?

Because in simple terms, we’re just changing forms.

And we can’t decide when we change forms or not, however we can choose how we react to every situation that we face. 

This viewpoint may not make these situations easier to handle, but it helps me and I hope it helps you too

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