211. Just try it

How do we know if we like something if we don’t ever do something?

Instead we opt to read about something, learn about it, never actually doing it 

And we miss that little part – the doing it. 

But here’s the thing – we can do anything we want

To me, I wish I could jump out of airplanes in dubai, swim with sharks in hawaii, help the turtles in the caribbean, end world hunger, bring world peace, bike across the ocean all in the same day

But we can’t do everything we want

So finding our groove, something that really gets us going 

Something that gives a reason to wake up – a fire in our hearts, a burning desire 

To find that thing, the only thing we have to do is try things. 

Try enough things and eventually we’ll get the results that we’re after. 

We can only lose if we stop playing the game 

If we can keep playing, keep trying, even a million times…

we’ll eventually win 

that’s a fact

Let’s not let fear hold us back on trying different paths

And remember, 

Just try it. 

What’s the worst that could happen? 

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