218. If we can control our perspectives

How do we look at situations? 

Like the end of the world?

Or just a minor bump in the road?

The freaky part is that we have a subconscious rhythm 

We process information and situations faster than the smartest computers. 

And over a period of time, the strains of our habitual viewpoint of the world become almost unbreakable 

I say almost because we can change in an instant… 

if we have enough leverage on ourselves 

And as a general rule of thumb,

how we do anything is how we do everything 

So back to how we look at situations 

For some reason, it’s so much easier to be heavy, to see the negative, to act like things are the end of the world

Maybe because we love to complain, or to feel important 

But if we can work on controlling our perspectives 

To genuinely try and see the positive, to be light, to be cool calm and collected 

Then i believe, we’ll live a longer, healthier, more fulfilled life

Because we’ll be finding meaning, learning instead of complaining and deteriorating

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