219. The Set UP

In boxing, mma, any type of fighting 

One doesn’t go out into the ring and start wailing going for the kill. 

Instead, it’s careful planning, preparing, and executing. 

It’s feeling the opponent out, where’s there an opening? 

But damn believe when that opportunity arises to go forward with a choke or knockout, these fighters will give it everything they got

The whole fight might be 15 minutes long, but for 15 seconds they drain their tank. 

In life, whenever we have an opportunity – we must sink in that choke. 

We must go for the Knockout, giving it our all – everything we got. 

Because opportunities come and go

Where can we sink a choke in our life now? 

How can we set ourselves up to be able to set the choke in the near future? 

This is fun now

Because now, we can intentionally set UP the knockout

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