353. What do we really want? 

Have we ever stopped to ask that question? 

It’s easy to throw up a smoke screen – “happiness” “love” “world peace” “back to normal” 

Is that what we really want though? 

If so , how are we to achieve that? 

What’s hard is taking some time to really get clear on what we actually want. To peel back layers of the onion and question our goals and motives asking why? 

What’s even harder is not spreading ourselves too thin – to have a single focus on a single outcome in an area in our life and putting all our attention on that one thing in that one area. 

And what’s even more difficult is doing the work, with resistance and everything else in the way. 

It’s easy to want everything and not work towards it 

It’s hard to narrow down our focus, pick one, and go all in on that. 

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