354. Our responsibility 

When a student fails – who’s fault is it? 

Most would say the student. But what about the teacher? It’s they’re job to teach material to students. If a student doesn’t understand something, the teacher could change their method – but most don’t. 

And we can deploy this thinking in other areas of our life

Maybe a friend has a flaw that we can see clear as day, and we can kindly point it out and offer ways to get around it. 

The same with an employee, figuring out why they’ve slipped up and getting them back on track. 

And if someone is complaining – flip the script to focus on their behavior. 

Communication is a tool, sometimes we have to use the hammer, other times a simple shoo will do.

If that doesn’t work, we could let it go? It may be a one time thing anyway. 

And if it’s not a one time thing, and we’ve tried talking to them, even helping them – well then, we have a decision to make. Do we stick around and put up with it or give them necessary space? 

The choice comes back to us. 

And remember: people have their own problems to deal with. And other people’s problems aren’t our problems

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