363. Consider the possibility 

Anything external, things, situations, people – it’s all temporary 

And we get a feeling of attachment towards these various topics. 

“My house” 

“My life” 

“My wife” 

But what happens when a turn of events happen? 

The house burns down 

You lose your job 

Your wife passes away 

That’s when devastation can creep in – feeling like we’re crushed and taken down by an event. 

But devastation is only a thing because we never considered the event happening 

People aren’t wrecked by the fact that it’s cold and snowing outside, they expected it! Even prepared for it. 

And as for events that happen by surprise , what if we took the time to reflect and consider the possibility – “ this might happen, and when it does, it may suck – but I’ll be ready” 

What’s the alternative? 

To not be prepared, be caught by surprise…

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