364. what about these four habits?

1. Accept only what is true…

The truth is the truth, it’s not good or bad because those are opinions, how we perceive the situation 

2. Work for the common good 

Why do we work? Maybe it’s only for money, but what if we started to work with a sense of prestige, giving our best all the time no matter what. How would that ripple? 

3. Match our needs and wants with what is in our control 

“I want things to go back to normal” “I want to save 10% of my income for investments so I can become financially free” different ehh? One is in our control, one isn’t. Pondering on what we truly want, what we really need – that’s time well spent – in my opinion

4. Embrace what nature has in store for us 

Things happen, instead of fighting and resisting, why not accept and go with the flow? We could do either – I’d take the latter though. 

What do ya think?

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