447. 7 ways of being worth striving for 

The mind is a muscle and needs to be worked out. 

If it’s not, just like a bicep – or any other muscle, it will grow smaller and weaker. 

Here are 7 tasks that may be worth living by:

  • Choice – doing and thinking morally right 
  • Refusal – of temptation 
  • Yearning – to get better 
  • Repulsion – of what isn’t true, of negativity, bad Influences
  • Purpose – our highest priority, this is what guides us
  • Preparation – for what lies ahead or whatever may happen (that’s outside our control) 
  • Assent – to be free from deception about what’s inside and outside our control (and willingly accept that) 

This is all the mind is here to do

And it’s up to us to make sure it does.

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