448. The freedom of choice 

Harmless indulgences: coffee, internet, checking our phone, soda, a little weed or alcohol…

These things left unchecked can become full-blown addictions without us even realizing it. 

These little compulsions and drives cloud our focus.

And we think we’re in control…

but are we really? 

Checking our phone every few minutes, 8 cups of coffee a day, hours on social media mindlessly scrolling… 

Addicts often say addiction is when we’ve lost the freedom to abstain 

Let’s reclaim that freedom…

Here’s a practical way to go about that too: Do a vice check every month, quarter, or year. 

What’s a vice check? Going 30 days without X – whatever x is for you. 

It could be the things we listed above, or others like complaining, gossiping, biting our nails.. 

The important thing is reclaiming that ability to abstain…

 Because that ability brings clarity and self-control – things worth striving for. 

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