460. Yeah, they have more money

“Let me tell you about the very rich, they’re very different then you and me”

“Yeah, they have more money” 

Money doesn’t change life that much

Because it doesn’t solve the problems that people without it think it will. No material possessions will. 

More money won’t make our family like us, or our kids 

More money won’t fix how we view the world, others, and ourselves 

No external possessions can fix internal issues. 

Do we forget this? Maybe. 

But money can be life changing , if we’re ready for it. 

Money can buy time, which can allow us to chase our dreams 

Money can get us out of debt. 

It’s a double edged sword, and could go either way – good or bad

But nothing changes if nothing changes 

Paying close attention to our inner worlds, because they create our outer worlds.

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