461. We Can Pick 

We can pick how grandiose and big we want to live 

(or how small) 

Warren Buffet is worth over 100 billion, and lives in the same house he bought for $30,000…

Kawhi Leanord is worth over 100 million, and was whipping around his high school car (97 Tahoe) well into his career…

These men aren’t cheap, but the things that matter to them are.

They don’t need the fastest car or latest gear, they’re content with giving their best at their craft

Their lifestyle is a result of prioritizing, cultivating interests that are well below their means…

Know what that means? Any income would let them pursue the things they desired.

Wealth has been a byproduct, it didn’t change who they were. 

Knowing what we love most out of this world, that’s clarity. 

Clarity means we can enjoy our lives, we can still be happy even if things externally are falling apart. 

Because the more things we desire, and the more we have to do to earn those things – the less we actually enjoy our lives – and the less free we are. 

And we aren’t saying not to get that fancy car or the latest clothes…

It’s understanding what it takes and knowing that this thing won’t bring us clarity 

And we get to choose

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