478. No opinion 

How many times do we have an opinion on something? 

And how many times do we have an opinion on something we don’t know about? 

Things like stuff people said behind our back, mistakes made that never came to our attention, things we dropped or lost without even realizing it. 

What’s the reaction? 

We don’t have one – we didn’t even know

So it is possible to hold no opinions about negative situations 

We can practice the ability to have no thoughts about something – acting as if it never occurred.

What’s the point of getting worked up? Nada. 

Let it become irrelevant, it’ll be a lot less powerful this way. 

Does this make me feel better? 

Crying, yelling, breaking things, being snappy… 

We all do it, or have done some of them at one point.. 

The next time we find ourselves in one of these pickles, let’s remember to ask ourselves – is this making me feel better? Is it relieving any of the symptoms I wish were gone? 

The answer may surprise us🤷🏽‍♀️

And its not being emotion – less, but deciding to focus on other things, things we can control. 

Life is fragile, cherish it.

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