479. A health and fitness story 

Person A and person B both purchased gym memberships with the hopes that these memberships would someday pay off big for their bodies and waistline. Both decided to go to the gym just 4 days per week, but both people did things differently and they lead very different lives

  • Person A goes to the gym and is super focused getting in his planned sets and reps, feeling great. Person B goes to the gym but spends most of their time in between half assed sets looking at their phone 
  • Person A has their nutrition dialed in, in fact they adopted a whole food plant based diet.  Person B binge eats, orders out for every meal, and doesn’t drink any water because they don’t like the flavor 
  • Person A keeps at it for weeks, falling off track here and there but taking stock, and getting back on track relatively quickly – things happen and they want to get better. Person B falls off track and stays off track for days, weeks, and months at time. 
  • Person A has a great system they follow: gym at 8 am everyday, fruit till noon, no food after 8 pm, as clean as possible. Person B doesn’t realize that diet is the most important part of healthy living. 
  • Person A loves their new life Person B doesn’t know what it’s like. 

And this could go for anything, 

So, which would you be?

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