566. The Roth IRA could eventually end world poverty

I believe this tool could eventually end world poverty if used correctly, by the majority. 

What if every parent had to put 6,000 dollars into this Roth IRA account as soon as their child was born? 

The child wouldn’t have to do anything and after 60 years, that 6,000 would turn into over one million dollars. (That’s if they did NOTHING ELSE) 

And what if we did that for every child? 

It changes the landscape of the world, and they don’t want that. They want us to be locked in and struggling. 

And some more info about the Roth. 

  • We can only put a certain amount into this account each year 
  • When we hit the required age limit, we can withdraw from this account tax free 
  • If your Income reaches a certain level, you are not allowed to contribute to this account

Are there other avenues? Yeah. 

But this one is simple , and simple works. 

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