590. what would you do?

servers get paid mostly in tips. 

But not all the tips are the servers, they have to tip out people like the busser, bartender, and food runner 

It’s a teamwork thing 

It could be 2% to the busser, 4% to the bar, 3% to the runner – the percent is based on different things, net sales/ bar drinks/ food ran 

But what if someone doesn’t honor the tip out? 

How would you go about fixing it? 

Do everyone’s tip outs for them – micro managing everyone (creating another job responsibility for that tip check out-er)

That’s a way, but there’s others. 

Instead of checking out 15 people, What if you spot check a few peoples tip outs per night – if you got caught not tipping out correctly you wouldn’t be able to work for the next shift or two or three. 

Which would be more effective? 

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