642. An Easy Morning Routine

What’s your morning routine? 

We know routines work, 

Here’s a SAVERS morning routine that cal Newport talks about in his book a miracle morning. I’ve been using this method for a few years now and I love it. 

Silence: a few minutes of meditation 

Affirmation: I give my best all the time with a positive attitude 

Visualize: my yearly goals , sometimes 5 year or monthly goals too. 

Exercise: move to get the blood going, 10 minutes, this is in addition to other workouts 

Read: a few pages of a book, even a page. The daily stoic is one of my favorites. 

Scribe: [write] in my journal. My power list, goals, affirmations, practices, grateful for, mantra, any fun sayings 

Then it’s out for a real workout, typically cardio – running, biking, hiking – and I bring champy the pittie with me too. Get his energy out, feed him, and then it’s starting to win the day💪🏽

Easy to do, easy not to do

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