643. Arguments

Who wins an argument? 

Neither party wins an argument. 

And we all know it’s best to avoid arguments 

Emotions rise, tension builds and we end up feeling worse then when it started. 

What if only one person argues though? That’s fine because we can’t control other people. 

If we say something, and the other person doesn’t like that – where’s the problem? 

It’s not our fault that the other person got offended, but we can take responsibility and work with them so things can go over more smoothly next time 

And it’s not that persons fault that we said something they didn’t like, but it is their responsibility to not get offended so things can go over more smoothly next time 

And it can work in any combination:

We can take responsibility to not say things that others take personal – if that’s what we want 

One person takes responsibly, the other person does, we both do

It speaks louder than words though with who can take responsibility and who can’t, that’s a part of being the mature adults we are.

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