724. eastern states 100

Eastern states 100 mile ultra marathon

Just signed up. Looking forward to it. 

Going to be running it with a few people I know, most of us ran the buckeye 200 together. 

Coach Pete trained us too. The students and the teacher, just like buckeye – are all going after the finish of eastern states 100. 

Here’s a text we got: 

My friend that ran it last year said there’s no sense in doing easy training runs, because that won’t help you at all in this race. You should set milestones for yourself to be completed in training to build your confidence, this race isn’t a walk in the park. Normally people don’t go into it feeling over prepared, go into it with enough work put in that you give yourself a chance to finish. Use many different trails to practice technical ascent/descent, boggy/marsh areas, and elevation.

There’s about a 50% finish rate for this race. 

I know this race is in my life’s journey. 

Visualizing one step at a time, one race at a time. I’m using other races to train for eastern states. 

Covieniently , if you finish the other two races and eastern states – you complete the triple crown. 

Now? I’m focusing on recovery, then it’s Hyner 50k ultramarathon, then world’s end 100k ultra marathon – then eastern states 100 mile ultra marathon 

Always keeping es100 race in the back of my mind though. 

We will get this done.

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