726. a riff off yesterday

The point of movement

We move to get stronger, to get better, 

To mentally clear our minds 

Being in the present moment 

I signed up for the gym a two weeks ago… 

Back when I first started my fitness journey, I was in the gym throwing weights and body weight around everyday 

When I started running, I did a little less of that… 

During covid, we canceled our gym memberships, we were on the road traveling and all the gyms were closed. We came back and moved so the gym was a little further away. We never stopped working out, just stopped with the weights, doing mainly running, some bodyweight, and a few weighted exercises with our mini home gym we have set up. 

All that send, it’s been two weeks to the gym and I can already feel myself getting stronger. 

That’s another reason to change our practice from time to time. 

We may be strong in the thing we do all the time, like running, but what about lifting heavy? Or compound movements? 


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