767. How to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle

Health is on the inside, the shit we can’t see but we feel. 

Tired? Headache? Sick all the time?

How are our organ systems operating? Are our bodies Fighting disease? Do we have chronic inflammation? 

Fit is the outside. We’ll the inside but it’s what our human eye can see. Our muscles, strength, chiseledness. 

Normally, people (read “normal” people)  play damage control. 

They have aches, alignments, pains, sickness, and THEN they try to fix their issues. 

The person who never changed their car’s oil but takes it to the shop because it broke down… 

What healthy and fit people do is called preventative maintenance type stuff, they get their oil changed, car maintenance 

How to do it

  • eat healthy, most meals. (95%) 
  • Workout (movement) daily 

We already knew that though. Maybe we’re scared to put in the work, maybe the journeys going to take too long. Excuse.

It’s not a fad, we’re changing our lifestyle for the better.

How would you be able to get those two things done? Let me know!

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