812. Slave to good habits

 Habits are a funny thing,

they’re hard to start in the beginning and eventually hard to break after some steam has built up

“Habits are like metal strands, and each time the habit is done, a metal strand is added. Eventually the metal strands are so many and so thick, that the strands give an illusion that it is impossible to break.”

I read that somewhere and it stuck with me. 

We all have habits, some bad some good 

The difference is though, some of us are working to develop better habits…

habits pushing us towards our goals, allowing us to better ourselves 

A huge difference.  

Becoming a slave to good habit may not be the best thing, but I’d rather that then the alternative. 

Keep growing and keep trying. Just don’t ever give up 
(that’s the only way to loose this game of life, if we give up)

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